Joe & Vicki Price Live @ Octopus

The first in what will be a series of live recordings.  You don't want to miss one.

Night Owls - CD

© Copyright - Joe and Vicki Price / Joe and Vicki Price (888295254014)
Download $15.00 CD $15.00
Fun and spunky guitar riffs that make you stomp your feet, bob your head and smile, explode right out of the gate and don’t quit until the album is done. Right from jump-street, the electrifying sound of Joe Price hits you in all the places you live, a one-man blues tornado who can pack, command and wring-out a dance-floor with the authority of an eight-piece show band. His own deep and varied bag of original music is so formidable that noted Grammy-award nominated singer/songwriter Greg Brown has long referred to Joe as “the Buddha.” Vicki’s powerful bluesy voice evokes an image of a woman in a 1920’s speakeasy singing her heart out. She is a more conventional (quite good) guitar player than Joe and a song writer of some talent. She is a women who can be summoned to the stage (seemingly at a moments notice, this is no “act”) to jump onto the freight train that is Joe’s current musical number.
Genre: Blues: Finger-Picked Guitar
Release Date: 2015

Rain or Shine - CD

Rain or Shine
by Joe Price
© Copyright - BMI / Blues Acres Productions (884501101844)
Download $9.99     CD $12.97
Winner of the Independent Music Award for best blues CD 2009. Alternative Country Blues/ Nominated for best Blues CD 2009 by the Independent Music Association.
Genre: Blues: Acoustic Blues
Release Date: 2009

A Brand New Place - CD

A Brand New Place
Feat. Joe Price
by Vicki Price
© Copyright - Vicki Price / Blues Acres Productions
CD $12.97
Alternative country blues originals, finger-style guitar
Genre: Blues: Acoustic Blues
Release Date: 2008

Request - CD

by Joe Price
© Copyright - Joe Price / Trailer Records (634479220944)
Download $9.99   CD $10.00
Joe’s music is flavored more to the juke joint end of the blues: a bit rough and tons of fun.
Genre: Blues: Electric Blues
Release Date: 1999

25 Below - CD

25 Below
by Joe Price
© Copyright - Joseph E. Price / Tailer-Records
Download $9.99    CD $10.00
traditional slide guitar blues on electric guitar
Genre: Blues: Electric Blues
Release Date: 1996

Designated Driver - Download

Designated Driver
by Joe Price
© Copyright - Joseph Price / Trailer-Records
Download $9.99
Flavored to Juke Joint end of the blues: abit rough and tons of fun.
Genre: Blues: Electric Blues
Release Date: 2000


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  • Dec 14
    Bob's Bar,  Prairie du Chien
  • Dec 20
    The Gas Lamp,  Des Moines
  • Dec 21
    Single Speed Brewing,  Waterloo
  • Jan 11
    Big Grove Brewing,  Iowa City
  • Jan 12
    Kalona Brewing Company,  Kalona