"Joe & Vicki have been making their own brand of blues music for decades. Hailing from Iowa, this husband & wife duo spend more time on the road then some musicians half their age.  Their take on the traditional blues is unique and authentic at the same time. Their sound takes you down to a juke joint in Mississippi over 100 years ago, where there was no air conditioning, the beer was warm and the songs are bathed in mud." Jody Hendrix - Little Class Records






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Eastwood Guitars: "How much do we like our Eastwood Airlines?  We have replaced every old Valco Guitar with these time machines.  Eastwood is King!"  Joe

Conquest:  "We use the Conquest SNI(AA) guitar chord exclusively because it is the only guitar cable that delivers the true, pure, natural and beautiful tone of our stage and recording 15 watt tube amps."  Joe

Victoria Amplifiers: "I use the Victoria Regal exclusively for stage and recording because it is wired "single-ended, Class A" for the sound and has the look of the 1940's and early 50's guitar amps.  The tubes are interchangeable for 2 watts to 30 watts of power made for any size room.  The Regal is the only true "Two amps in one."   Joe

GHS Guitar Strings: "After playing a few gigs with GHS strings I dare you to go out there with another brand on." Joe

National Guitars:  "What can you say about National Guitars they are perfectly made and deliver the real sound." Joe

Vintage 47 Amplifiers:  "My new Vintage 47 is the old recording amp I've been searching for for the last 45 years!" Joe




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