"We play blue-roots music. It is based on the country blues that came out of the Delta. We are both finger style guitarists. Joe plays slide guitar in open C tuning and I play in standard tuning. Joe brings an energy to his playing that infects the audience. He has a unique style and feel to his playing that grabs your attention. His songwriting is deceptively simple and beautiful. Other musicians cover his songs which says a lot about his writing. I grew up in the gospel tradition. My mother played organ and piano in her church for 56 years. My songwriting is more Americana with a blues influence. We have managed over the decades to blend our styles and make them work." Vicki Price

The next three educational videos were produced for the Mississippi Valley Blues Societies "Blues in the School".


" A righteous, joyous, foot-stomping jubilee!"   Jim Musser Iowa City Press Citizen.

"A tornado of rootsy blues with 1920's speakeasy vocals.  Refreshing as a mint Julep on a hot summers day.  People are still talking about the last time they were here.  You don't want to miss this." Crazy Horse Saloon/Allen Grace



Greg 's right.
Joe Price is the Buddha.
The stomp of his feet, and electric waves of 
sound from his minty green guitar flow out.
Moses strikes the rock!
Two songs in and you realize you love
every other human being alive.
Even ____.
Listening, it all makes sense.
Joe plays.
Everyone here looks beautiful.
Joe plays.
I am connected to this shining earth.
Joe plays and
I wish only good things for all creatures on this
ball of luscious live
Sing Joe sing!


Vicki's music by Tanya O'Connor

Let me say this as short as July grass Vicki's songs spit gravel that sail out sweet as late summer corn.  Many of you are someone who has seen Vicki Price on a midwestern summer or Autumn evening, wearing a red dress and sinking her chestnut head into a song.  You have see her, rocking from toe to knee to shoulder begging a song on in. If you've seen this, you know what comes next: her grateful moonlit grin that the music's will and hers decided to dance together for the moment.




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